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See how our NEW cyber security practice unlocks access to critically undersupplied talent.
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Make the Match!

Connecting human potential to meaningful work and creating value for our clients. We match people to the work that inspires them.  We love it when the customer chooses our candidate.  We enjoy competing and we like to win.

We crave a fair playing field.  No shortcuts.  Best efforts.  We are relentless in our pursuit of talented people to join our company. We aspire to bring the right person to the right job every time. Our people click!


S.i. Systems was founded in 1994 at the start of the IT contracting trend as an end-to-end, on demand IT professionals contracting organization. We anticipated how important IT professionals would be, so we created an organization built to bring you the best, so that you can be your best.

Since then we have experienced exponential growth and we now provide professionals for contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent placements in Information Technology across Canada.

S.i. Systems is always evolving to meet critical client demands. To respond to changing world dynamics and increasing security threats, we added a specialized cyber security practice in 2020. A curated talent pool of cyber security specialists strengthens our 250,000-strong network of Canadian IT experts.


You won’t find a leadership team with more experience in the IT talent field. Expertise spread across Canada to serve the thousands of organizations, and the over 250,000 IT pros, who count on us.

Our Chennai Office

Our consultancy services in India (based out of Chennai) is a fully owned subsidiary of S.i. Systems Canada. The company was established in 2006 and has grown along with S.i. Systems over the past several years.

Like all of our operations, we are focused on helping our clients

succeed, and we are very good at it. We have a high performing team working on various cutting edge technologies and infrastructure facilities, including mobile application development.

You’ll find great opportunities here to advance your career and your life.

Our Values

Accountable - We are accountable when we accept responsibility for our actions, decisions and results delivered to our colleagues, candidates and clients.
Transparent - We are transparent when we communicate openly, sharing our truth with others based on facts in a respectful way.
Professional - We are professional when we deliver value to our company, clients, and colleagues.

Possible - We achieve what is possible when we pursue our dreams and commitments to ourselves. Our long term goals hold the meaning and value of our long term efforts. We are aspirational.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Policy

We believe all organizations have a responsibility to address the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equity through policy.

Click on the below link to know more about our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy.
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Our Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation Policy

By pursuing truth, acknowledging Indigenous territories, and encouraging reconciliation for our Metis, Indigenous, and Inuit peoples each employee, regardless of their role, is also living our values of professional, accountable, possible, and transparent.

Pursuing truth and reconciliation also aligns with our core tenets on diversity, inclusion and equity in the workplace and contributes to our core purpose of connecting human potential to meaningful work. 

Click here for our Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation Policy


Through focusing all our efforts on your success, we’ve had some recognition as well:

S.i. Systems was a five-time winner of Canada's Best Managed Companies program and a requalified Platinum member in 2017, 2018, and 2019

  • 2019 (Best Managed Company Platinum Standard)
  • 2018 (Best Managed Company Platinum Standard)
  • 2017 (Best Managed Company Platinum Standard)
  • 2016 (Best Managed Company Platinum Standard)
  • 2015 (Qualified)
  • 2014 (Qualified)
  • 2013 (Best Managed Company Gold Standard)
  • 2012 (Qualified)
  • 2011 (Qualified)
  • 2010 (Winner)

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