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Software Development Staffing Services

Nothing transfers, captures, communicates, or moves without software developers doing what they do best. At S.i. Systems, we know software development isn’t a commodity. It’s a central function that cultivates innovation and crystallizes differentiation. That’s why we take so much care to find the best developers for your environment. 

Two decades of keeping ahead of the latest software development trends.

From cross-platform development to third-party API platforms, the tech world is characterized by a blistering pace of change. From day one, software development has been a primary area of specialization for S.i. Systems, and it shows. We do more than just keep up, we look ahead to what’s next and build pipelines to get you there.

Get your piece of the $500 billion pie. IT spending on enterprise software is growing at more than 10% a year—make sure you have the developers to take advantage. 

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Build accelerated SaaS, DaaS, and PaaS teams.

Your technology roadmap relies on accessing future-ready software development talent. You can’t go wrong with software development staffing and workforce solutions from S.i. Systems. 

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Contract Staffing

Infuse new software development skills into your organization with contingent resources. You get all of the flexibility and none of the headaches of finding expert consultants.

Direct Hire

Get a head start on recruiting and retaining a world-class development team. Tap into our network of developers seeking to specialize in your sector.

Contractor Payrolling

Assembled your own roster of coders and developers? Great! Use our Flo-ThruTM contractor payrolling services to get them up and running faster. 

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Tech plus team: a perfect combination.

With amazing advancements of speed, accessibility, and usability, it’s easy to take technology for granted. But just like our own process-driven recruiting approach, we know it takes a combination of metrics and motivation to elevate software development to an art. Here are just some of the areas we find the best of the best. 

  • Front End Development
  • Back End Development
  • Full Stack Development
  • UX / UI Development
  • Cloud DevOps Development

S.i. Systems is fully transparent, a completely open book. They have nothing to hide when negotiating on rates for developers. That resonates. It sets the stage for what kind of org they are: trustworthy, open and honest.”

2022 IT Staffing Market Insights Report

What's the Canadian employment outlook for 2022? What does top tech talent want? Are your pay rates keeping you competitive or holding you back? S.i. Systems tackles all these questions and more in its new report on Canada's labour market, hiring trends, salaries, and wages. Don't miss out on these valuable insights!

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The software development talent shortage has nothing on us. Let S.i. Systems prove it to you.


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