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full stack Drupal SME/developer who is able to translate requirements and design (wireframes, mockups, and etc.) into website code/modules/themes using Drupal as underlying CMS.

Job Type: Contract
Positions to fill: 1
Start Date: Jun 27, 2022
Job End Date: Dec 26, 2022
Pay Rate: Hourly: Negotiable
Job ID: 120609
Location: Toronto
Job Description
The City of Richmond Hill and Richmond Hill Public Library are working together on a website redesign project and is seeking an experienced full stack Drupal SME/developer who is able to translate requirements and design (wireframes, mockups, and etc.) into website code/modules/themes using Drupal as underlying CMS.

The Drupal SME/developer will be responsible for learning and understanding the end-to-end requirements and develop the backend code/modules as well as creating front-end themes/configurations based on the wireframes/design layouts. Library systems/solutions with the front end UI and other integrations such as SSO

This individual will work closely with all stakeholders to refine requirements as needed to ensure there are sufficient details for the implementation lifecycle (i.e. end-to-end activities from design, development to deployment).
• Review and validate user requirements, system restraints, and provided options if there are limitations or constraints to the design/requirements
• Understanding how to implement effective and responsive design strategies using Drupal themes
• Collaborate with architecture and operations teams to ensure solution compatibility with company standards
• Provide guidance for designing new features/functionalities based on the website architecture as well as all technical aspects related to Drupal

Job Requirements/Skills:
• Has demonstrated experience in developing user interfaces using Drupal CMS to include customizing existing themes and modules and developing new code to deliver on requirements if needed
• Strong Drupal development skills in using (but not limited to) PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SQL and Drupal APIs
• Ability to determine the feasibility in using Drupal modules and/or the need to develop custom code to match functional requirements and design
• Ability to write understand, modify, and write custom Drupal modules
• Experience in in configuring Drupal modules and setting the foundation (core) for a website
• Experience in integrating third party platforms with Drupal (e.g. SSO)
• Ability to convert designs into custom themes (i.e. HTML, CSS) based on Drupal standards and Drupal theme layers
• Ability to understand CSS changes to have consistent style for all platforms (e.g. mobile), browsers and convert wireframes into HTML pages
• Knowledge and experience with version controls tools/software
• Experience in working in an agile environment to perform iterative design reviews, code deployment, and changes
• Experience working with different O/S platforms (e.g. Red Hat Linux, Windows)
• Ability to include AODA requirements as part of website design/development

• Build, develop and design a website that matches functional requirements and wireframes
• Develop and/or modify Drupal code (including building custom modules as required)
• Deploy and test the Drupal code into different environments
• Document and share knowledge with internal team members to closely collaborative on the design, development and maintenance for the website
• Provide guidance, options and feedback on feasibility of the design based on capabilities of Drupal
• Iteratively design, develop and deploy the website changes based on the different sprint cycles