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Intermediate Wireless System Designer to complete planning activities for new sites including macro, small cell and inbuilding-150246

Job Type: Contract
Positions to fill: 1
Start Date: May 17, 2022
Job End Date: May 17, 2023
Pay Rate: Hourly: $ 45
Job ID: 119151
Location: Vancouver, Victoria
Our telecommunications customer is looking for an Intermediate Wireless System Designer to complete planning activities for new sites including macro, small cell and inbuilding.

Environment: Hybrid/Burnaby
Contract Length: 1 Year


•Analyze network needs in terms of capacity and coverage and plan existing site augmentations, new macro, new Inbuilding, new small cell to address network needs.
•Identify site capacity requirements (Macro and Inbuilding)
•Analyse low capacity / low throughput sites for capacity augmentation or capacity optimization
•Drive Radio Engineering for RF capacity optimization and track progress for implementation success
•Provide inputs to management for new capacity sites
•Localize immediate and event capacity requirement
•Identify sites requiring hot spot capacity
•Find technical solution for hot spot
•Cost estimate and CA for hot spots
•COW deployment
•Plan, budget and initiate expansion projects to support network evolution and to meet growing subscriber demand.
•Develop and analyze alternatives in order to recommend the most economical solution to meet departmental and organizational objectives regarding network expansion, subscriber growth and usage patterns.
•Work with RF Engineering to apply the appropriate actions to address any network capacity requirement and quality issues in a timely manner.
•Provide direction and guidance to Access Planners
•Collaborate with Regional Network Implementation and RF team to communicate priorities, support and guidance for site acquisition, lease and design issues and to ensure timely delivery of planned programs.


•7+ years of work experience in a wireless environment
•Experience in Small Cell and Inbuilding planning and design
•Strong understanding of Wireless Access Network functionality and elements including full Scope of GSM/HSPA/LTE/5G Radio Access
•In-depth understanding of the RAN (Radio Access Network) capacity, optimization process, and performance KPIs
•Familiarity with Ericsson radio base station hardware and configuration