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Junior Full Stack Java Developer develop applications using JSP, Servlet, Java beans, with a variety of frontend interfaces

Job Type: Permanent
Positions to fill: 3
Start Date: May 23, 2022
Job End Date: May 23, 2022
Pay Rate: Salary: Negotiable
Job ID: 119140
Location: Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Regina, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg
Position Overview: 
As the Junior Full Stack Java Developer with a passion for growth and innovation, you will develop applications based on Java using JSP, Servlet, Java beans, with a variety of frontend interfaces written in JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone and Angular.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or Engineering 
  • 1-3 years of programming experience. (Passionate new graduates  
    will be considered.)
  • Java or other Object Orientated Experience (OOP) experience 
  • MySQL or other RDB experience 
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the latest HTML standards 
Key Responsibilities:  
  • Maintain security and privacy of confidential patient data. 
  • Write efficient, reliable, and robust code for the front end and back end. 
  • Troubleshoot and provide solutions for customer issues.
  • Create documentation and user manuals. 
  • Conduct testing to ensure modifications function as desired. 
  • Perform code review. 
Nice to have: 
  • Familiarity with Spring, Hibernate 
  • Angular, Backbone, jQuery 
  • Linux experience 
  • Open-source experience is an asset