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Our banking client is looking for an intermediate Filenet Administrator perform steady state configuration and process management of Software

Job Type: Contract
Positions to fill: 1
Start Date: Jul 04, 2022
Job End Date: Jan 31, 2023
Pay Rate: Hourly: Negotiable
Job ID: 120842
Location: Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa
Location - Toronto
Duration - 12 months
Remote - Yes
Must Haves
  •  FileNet administration
  • WebSphere Application Server
  • Change Management

 Basic Operations
a.        Manage Software updates, as follows:
1.        Track availability of new patches and fix releases;
2.        Evaluate content and stability of the release to assess suitability for Client’s environment;
3.        Work with Client’s change management processes to schedule and coordinate implementation of the update; and
4.        Implement the update and drive troubleshooting for any post-implementation issues discovered.
b.        Perform reactive problem response and management:
1.        Respond to requests received from Client’s IT staff or Client’s alerting system to investigate and resolve problems with the Supported Solution;
2.        When Software issues arise, use client's incident management systems to open tickets with the applicable client support organization and manage issues to closure;
3.        Collaborate as needed with client support teams to diagnose and resolve Software issues exposed by Client’s application; and
4.        Collaborate with subject matter experts provided by Client for technologies or Client’s applications when there is a need to analyze, diagnose, and resolve interoperability issues between Supported Solution and those technologies.

1.2.       FileNet Administration
FileNet Administrator to perform steady state configuration and process management of Software. The following tasks indicate examples of typical administration that would be considered within the scope. Actual tasks performed may include a subset of these, depending on resource time allocated, the requirements of Client’s applications, and Client’s prioritization.
a.        Daily health assessments of the environment, on weekdays only:
1.        Check logs for database, syslog, WebSphere Application Server, http errors, and other components in the solution;
2.        Verify backup jobs have completed correctly;
3.        Check storage device free space (staging area, log storage, file stores, index areas);
4.        Verify all services are running, including http, Content Process Engine, Content Search Server, IBM Content Navigator, LDAP, and the database; and
5.        Monitor and maintain workflow queues.
b.        Weekly maintenance activities for FileNet:
1.        Perform database maintenance and collect statistics;
2.        Check long running queries, and add indexes as needed;
3.        Perform a content consistency check;
4.        Check and report on aged checkouts; and
5.        Export and purge event and log data.
c.        Monthly reviews and maintenance:
1.        Perform maintenance of SSL certificates; and
2.        Perform password change management (bootstrap, bind, component queue).
d.        Add property templates, document classes, security proxies, and folders;
e.        Maintain auditing configuration;
f.         Collaborate with application owners to plan and execute deployment of application updates or enhancements into production