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Senior Business Consultant to provide policy development support and advice.

Job Type: Contract
Positions to fill: 1
Start Date: Jul 04, 2022
Job End Date: Jul 04, 2023
Pay Rate: Daily: Negotiable
Job ID: 119249
Location: Ottawa
Our valued client is in the process of updating its outdated policies. The updated policy content will include the management of an ageing Halifax and Kingston classes; lessons learned through three major acquisition projects; and the adoption of modern engineering and safety management practices (Safety Case, Certification, Risk Management, etc.).

Examples of the applicable policy documents include;
  • Naval Materiel Management Policy
  • Naval Materiel Safety Management Policy
  • Naval Materiel Risk Management Policy
  • Design Intent Management Policy

The client is in need of a Senior Business Consultant to provide policy development support, advice, review, and coaching. This work includes, reviewing, editing, and structuring the policy and providing recommendations to the authors and/or senior managers for improvement.

The Contractor must provide policy development support services which includes, but not limited to, the following tasks and activities. The Contractor must:  
  • Interact with the policy development team to understand the policy spirit and intent;
  • Support the policy development team to ensure that it meets the objectives;
  • Advise the Task Authorization Technical Authority (TA) on the range of issues affecting the delivery and implementation of the policy;
  • Conduct research and analysis; make recommendations and provide advice on the development and maintenance of policy framework and policy instruments;
  • Identify areas for improvement, which includes, but limited to the following: improving overall policy content structure and readability, adding diagrams, correcting for grammar, ensuring that policy content is clear and concise, identifying any potential conflicts and redundant information;
  • Develop and manage a peer review process and provide authors with feedback on their contributions;
  • Identify opportunities for coaching policy developers, in terms of application of best practices in relation to the policy development and maintenance; and
  • Draft policies and procedures as requested.