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Senior Solution Architect needed to support our clients Architect team to develop new solutions related to service oriented architecture design, integration strategies and design, master data principles and strategies, modular design, real-time design.

Job Type: Contract
Positions to fill: 1
Start Date: Jun 22, 2022
Job End Date: Jun 30, 2023
Pay Rate: Hourly: Negotiable
Job ID: 120694
Location: Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria

The Solution Architect will support the Architect team to develop new processes and methodologies that enhance IT’s ability to be agile in delivering business solutions and capabilities (e.g. service oriented architecture design, integration strategies and design, master data principles and strategies, modular design, real-time design, develops, continuous integration, continuous deployment, etc.). The solution architect ensures integration standards are adhered to (API, SOA …) and offers guidance for developing, updating and maintaining application development and support standards (including security), procedures and methodologies for all platforms; and coordinating all quality assurance activities related to the development and delivery of all new applications, enhancements, and service, along with maintenance consideration for both custom built and externally managed service offering (i.e.: SaaS).

• Align with the business and enterprise architecture to connect the business strategy with the IT strategic direction (developed by the Architect team) and will assist projects and initiatives from design to solution and implementation as required;
• Provide expert advice in the discovery, evaluation and selection of suitable business application solutions including Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS), SaaS cloud offerings, and manage solutions to address business requirements;
• Ensures services and applications implemented comply with overall IT standards and policies, industry regulations, and best practices;
• Responsible for designing the optimal solution architecture for a project by applying broad technical aptitude, knowledge, and experience across security, application, information, technology, and processes; and
• Anticipates and analyses business needs and impacts to create appropriate application designs, approaches, methodologies, and practices. The Solution Architect works with other functional area architects and security specialists to ensure business capabilities, strategies and objectives

Must have:
• Experience providing leadership as a Solution Architect for large scale projects, ensuring design compliance to the architecture standards and direction of the organization;
•Knowledge of trends in Enterprise and Application architectures;
• Knowledge of application development methodologies, SOA, object-oriented analysis and design, or client/server systems;
• In-depth knowledge of application architecture concepts including but not limited to Web services, end tier architecture, service-oriented architecture and multiple development platforms (e.g. MS.net; Java; Oracle tool sets);
• Good knowledge of architect concepts for IT domains relating to data, security, and infrastructure;
• Key Technology experience includes: Active Directory, Cloud integration, Identity Management