S.i. Systems Values


We are accountable when we accept responsibility for our actions, decisions and results delivered to our colleagues, candidates, and clients.

Accountable will be lived when we:

  • Deliver on promises made
  • Report honestly on outcomes
  • Invest your best efforts and necessary steps to complete the task
  • Make amends for mistakes of our own doing
  • When we show up prepared and able to add value

Accountable will not be lived when we:

  • Blame others for our own mistakes of action or inaction
  • Create excuses when we fail to deliver on our promises
  • Are misleading in our actions or words
  • Alter or delete records or documents to avoid responsibility
  • Speak poorly of the company or others in order to deflect our own shortcomings


We are transparent when we communicate openly, sharing our truth with others based on facts in a respectful way.

Transparent will be lived when we:

  • Communicate with candor based on facts
  • Are open to being vulnerable in sharing our experiences
  • Share information that benefits the company, clients, and colleagues
  • Always communicate with positive intent
  • Level with each other when we see a change, positive or negative

Transparent will not be lived when we:

  • Intentionally withhold or misrepresent information to push a secondary agenda
  • Avoid discussing the real issues
  • Create stories that are not based on facts or are not ours to tell
  • Avoid having a difficult conversation
  • Don't raise concerns or problems to the appropriate people


We are professional when we deliver value to our company, clients, and colleagues.

Professional will be lived when we:

  • Work for the highest level of competence in our responsibility area
  • Ensure that each client interaction inspires confidence in our organization
  • Are respectful and well-spoken regardless of the situation
  • Are well prepared and thoughtful in our interactions with others
  • Understand our business and represent its interests

Professional will not be lived when we:

  • Disrespect clients, consultants, or colleagues
  • Display a negative attitude
  • Are poorly prepared for a meeting with a client, candidate, or co-worker
  • Act arrogantly
  • Do not meet expected quality standards


We achieve what is possible when we pursue our dreams and commitments to ourselves. Our long term goals hold the meaning and value of our long term efforts. We are aspirational.

Possible will be lived when we:

  • Have high expectations of each other and believe we can reach them
  • Believe in a goal and the plan to achieve it
  • Believe in our ability to improve
  • Believe we can influence our outcomes
  • Look at things with an abundance mentality

Possible will not be lived when we:

  • Lack determination, interest, or motivation
  • Expect entitlement without effort
  • Do the minimum required
  • Procrastinate
  • When we believe challenges are permanent