S.i. Systems Values


We are accountable when we accept responsibility for our actions, decisions and results delivered to our colleagues, candidates, and clients.

Accountable will be lived when we:

  1. Deliver what was promised and respond in a timely fashion
  2. Take ownership for actions, decisions and behaviors
  3. Accept responsibility for outcomes with no excuses
  4. Report honestly on outcomes
  5. Admit mistakes
  6. Identify root causes and lessons learned when results don't meet expectations
  7. Keep colleagues accountable for their results
  8. Fully understand requirements and take necessary steps to complete the task
  9. Follow established processes and policies to achieve results
  10. Show up unfailingly for our colleagues, candidates and clients

Accountable will not be lived when we:

  1. Find excuses for lack of results
  2. Look to blame others for our own mistake, whether it is a mistake of action or inaction
  3. Do not take on any efforts or decisions that involve some risk
  4. Fail to learn from errors in delivery and judgement
  5. Do not accept responsibility for actions, decisions, and results
  6. Fail to deliver on what was promised
  7. Are dishonest
  8. Do not meet expected timelines or quality standards


We are transparent when we communicate openly and honestly, unafraid to share the truth in a respectful way, based on facts and with positive intent. 

Transparent will be lived when we:

  1. Share knowledge that will benefit the company, branch and colleagues
  2. Openly share the company's goals, results, strengths and plans
  3. Communicate openly and respectfully based on facts
  4. Communicate with full disclosure, honesty and integrity
  5. Give honest feedback to our colleagues in appropriate settings
  6. Give feedback to our colleagues without a hidden agenda to benefit self
  7. Are not afraid of having difficult factual conversations
  8. Are open to discuss our actions, decisions and results and learn from them.

Transparent will not be lived when we:

  1. Fail to communicate truthfully to our colleagues, consultants, and clients
  2. Act in a closed manner and do not share information openly with complete honesty, full facts and background information
  3. Misrepresent information or hide problems
  4. Make decisions without the input of management or affected teams
  5. Are selective in communications to push a secondary agenda
  6. Are afraid to have difficult and factual conversations
  7. Keep quiet with a disapproving attitude and discuss the real issue later
  8. Say one thing and do another
  9. Alter or delete records or documents to avoid responsibility


We are professional when we deliver quality and value in a timely and consistent manner using our company's established expertise, processes and systems. 

Professional will be lived when we:

  1. Understand our business and are able to represent its interests
  2. Are seen as knowledgeable in industry practices within our profession
  3. Are polite, courteous, respectful and well-spoken regardless of the situation
  4. Work for the highest level of competence in our responsibility area
  5. Understand the essentials of our client's business
  6. Admit when an issue is beyond your area of expertise, and consult a subject matter expert
  7. Ensure that each client interaction inspires confidence in our organization
  8. Provide value to others within the company as well as our clients and candidates
  9. Make decisions that are ethically sound
  10. Communicate based on facts and are trustworthy

Professional will not be lived when we:

  1. Behave unacceptably to clients, consultants, and colleagues on and off the job
  2. Are poor listeners, act arrogantly, or have a negative attitude
  3. Lack character, integrity, ethics or trustworthiness
  4. Communicate in an emotional or personal manner that is not respectful or helpful
  5. Are not thorough or engaged in providing solutions when there is a conflict
  6. Speak poorly of the company or others in order to deflect our own shortcomings


We are driven when we passionately and relentlessly pursue our goals and commitments to deliver results of the highest standards regardless of obstacles.

Driven will be lived when we:

  1. Go above and beyond in achieving or exceeding stakeholder expectations
  2. Portray a positive attitude with a sense of urgency
  3. Overcome challenges
  4. Are results-oriented and competitive
  5. Set goals and pursue relentlessly to achieve or surpass those goals
  6. Maintain an emphasis on customer needs, good product and service excellence
  7. Are determined, ambitious, and motivated
  8. Do things that must be done even when we don't feel like it, and do them well 

Driven will not be lived when we:

  1. Lack determination, ambition, and motivation
  2. Are okay with mediocre results
  3. Expect entitlement without effort
  4. Allow ourselves to be distracted
  5. Procrastinate
  6. Work to the clock and do the minimum that is required
  7. Do not realize our potential and fail to deliver on our promises
  8. Do not seek to improve on process, results, and work environment
  9. Complain about problems without providing solutions

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe all organizations have a responsibility to address the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion through policy.

‚ÄčDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion will be lived when we:

  1. Foster equal opportunity among employees
  2. Treat each other with respect and care about the outcomes of others on our team.
  3. Engage openly in conversations about discrimination, diversity, equity and inclusion, even when they make us feel uncomfortable.
  4. Seek to achieve a workforce that is representative of the communities in which we work.
  5. Work with organizations that support equal opportunity in the workplace.
  6. Create a safe workplace for the authentic individual identities of our staff. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will not be lived when we:

  1. Tolerate discrimination based on race, religion, age, gender, sexual or social identity of any kind when it occurs