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45612-1 - Int. Scrum Master to support the enterprise’s efforts to adopt Agile principles for the major banking client.

Job Type: Contract
Positions to fill: 1
Start Date: Nov 28, 2022
Job End Date: May 27, 2023
Pay Rate: Hourly: Negotiable
Job ID: 125190
Location: Toronto
Position Title: Int. Scrum Master to support the enterprise’s efforts to adopt Agile principles for the major banking client.
Length of Contract: 6 months with possible extension
Physical Working Location: Toronto (hybrid)

The role:
Supports the enterprise’s efforts to adopt and sustain Agile principles and practices. Ensures the team adheres to scrum theory and practices while embodying key mindsets and behaviours. Advocates for the scrum team and helps those outside of the team understand the interaction model to amplify the team success and Agile adoption more broadly. Serves the scrum team by leading and coaching team self-organization, cross-functional collaboration and aligning to the mandate of delivering value.

•5 - 7 years of experience in a software development or project delivery environment and Agile, Lean or Kanban practice & principles experience.
• Knowledge of scrum framework and Agile development methods/techniques e.g. developing User Stories.
• Certified as a Scrum Master.
• Experience coaching teams to adopt Agile methodologies.
Banking experience

• Acts as a trusted advisor to assigned business/group.
• Influences and negotiates to achieve business objectives.
• Recommends and implements solutions based on analysis of issues and implications for the business.
• Assists in the development of strategic plans.
• Identifies emerging issues and trends to inform decision-making.
• Helps determine business priorities and best sequence for execution of business/group strategy.
• Ensures alignment between stakeholders.
• Breaks down strategic problems, and analyses data and information to provide insights and recommendations.
• Conducts independent analysis to resolve strategic issues.
• Builds change management plans of varying scope and type; leads or participates in a variety of change management activities including readiness assessments, planning, stakeholder management, execution, evaluation and sustainment of initiatives.
• Facilitates meetings and working sessions that leverage the Agile practice management program/ tools and techniques to foster adoption.
• Identifies business needs, designs/develops tools and training programs for Agile practices/enterprise programs; may include delivery of training to audiences.
• Leads/participates in the design, implementation and management of core business/group processes.
• Develops solutions and makes recommendations based on an understanding of the business strategy and stakeholder needs.
• Partners with the Product Owner to create, maintain and groom the product backlog.
• Advocates for the scrum team across the organization and actively challenges practices and approaches that are not in-line with Agile philosophy.
• Stays current in the Agile space ongoing education in Agile frameworks training, conference attendance, user group participation and self-study.
• Coordinates and executes specific activities for the implementation of strategic initiatives; includes tracking metrics and milestones.
• Supports the execution of strategic initiatives in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.
• Collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to deliver on business objectives.
• Builds effective relationships with internal/external stakeholders including third party suppliers.
• Analyzes data and information to provide insights and recommendations e.g. skill building opportunities, where quality issues exist.
• Gathers and formats data into regular and ad-hoc reports, and dashboards.
• Creates communication forums for the Product Owner, scrum team and stakeholders to ensure the vision, goals and product delivery commitments are visible and well understood.
• Helps stakeholders understand and enact scrum as well as empirical and emergent product development, welcoming change that enhances the productivity of the team.
• Works with other Scrum Masters to facilitate and increase organization maturity and effectiveness in the application of Agile practices.
• Monitors and tracks team performance and velocity; addresses any issues.
• Removes impediments that prevent or hinder team capability and cohesion.
• Executes work to deliver timely, accurate, and efficient service.
• Focus is primarily on business/group within the enterprise; may have broader, enterprise-wide focus.
• Provides specialized consulting, analytical and technical support.
• Exercises judgment to identify, diagnose, and solve problems within given rules.
• Works independently and regularly handles non-routine situations.
• Broader work or accountabilities may be assigned as needed.