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PeopleSoft Database Administrator (8+ years) to identify related Peoplesoft system requirements and install the relevant upgrades as needed

Job Type: Contract
Positions to fill: 1
Start Date: Aug 01, 2022
Job End Date: Nov 01, 2022
Pay Rate: Hourly: Negotiable
Job ID: 121642
Location: Toronto

Position Summary:

Reporting to the Team Lead, Application Management and Automation, the Peoplesoft Database Adminstrator is designated as the custodian of the data assets within their assigned scope representing the interests of the data owners (client). The primary role you will maintain our company’s established computing environment through your work. You will identify related Peoplesoft system requirements and install the relevant upgrades as needed. You will also monitor the system’s performance to ensure smooth operations and upgrade implementation. Applying proactive changes to prevent issues and taking corrective action to address anomalies, incidents, and business change requests.


 Responsible for the design and implementation of our PeopleSoft/ERP ecosystem which includes application and database tiers. As well as maintaining structures, policies and procedures. Manages database resources and services, ensures data quality for the integrity and availability to application.
  • Plan, define, install and configure PeopleSoft/ERP ecosystem applications
  • Application support to ensures that services are running within acceptable limits.
  • Monitor, analyze, tune and otherwise maintain Peoplesoft system performance
  • Performance monitoring, tuning, and query optimization
  • Performance tuning; troubleshooting system hardware, software, networks and operating and system management systems
  • Issues management
  • RMAN Backups, Data Guard, Cloning
  • Implementation – tables, queries, stored procedures, triggers, relationship DB setup
  • Troubleshooting and resolving database integrity issues; such as, but not limited to, logs, duplications, data corruption, connectivity, blocking, deadlocking.
  • Validation of all installation requests or submissions for application deployment to ensure completeness of the installation package and that it complies with configuration management standards definition.
  • Takes charge of the installation and coordinates activities with the requestors. Reviews installation plans prior to execution and reviews the installation results and post install verification tests with the requestor to ensure that the installation was successful.
  • Coordinates system integrations of data from other systems including the use of remote data or the automated population of external data and content into applications under the scope of the incumbent. Coordinates the export, import, and copying of content as requested by clients. Ensures data content complies with data governance rules and has been reviewed by the database administrator if required.
  • Problem and resolution management: Involved with issues surrounding the production services area. Active participant in the analysis of problems, impact analysis and resolving actions.

 Services and Support

  • Administrative production and development database systems.
  • Provide leadership and support for departmental initiatives outside of ITS on the best practices for implementing and maintaining database and application infrastructure for new systems.
  • Provide thorough technical expertise, thoughtful leadership, and effective persuasion to peers and junior staff
  • Participating in assigned projects, evaluates the required assigned tasks and submits the estimate to complete the effort.
  • Provides staff with one-on-one or group basis support and/or training in the application. The administrator demonstrates advanced techniques within the database and application to solve issues that clients or ITS resources may not be able to address through a general understanding of the application. Provides training services according to needs.
  • Actively involved in the collaboration with other workgroups involving other institutions using similar applications, sharing information and discerning best practices. Monitors developments in similarly used applications in a higher education context.
  • Plans for the effective use of applications. Matches user needs with product functionality. Recommends and implements policies and procedures to integrate the application within the college technical and administrative infrastructure.



  • Minimum of eight (8) years’ experience in ERP application (PeopleSoft) administration and Oracle database development and administration in multiple database environments
  • Ability to detect and troubleshoot database server related CPU, memory, I/O, disk space and other resource contention.
  • Strong knowledge of backups, restores, recovery models, database shrink operations, Clustering, Database mirroring, Replication, disaster recovery planning, index management.
  • Ability to adapt third-party tools into existing environment.
  • Strong knowledge of application systems administration and software support methods that would be adaptable to the changing environment.
  • Experience integrating multiple applications through workflow and other technologies
Nice to Haves:
  • Oracle Database Administration Certification is considered an asset.
  • ERP Training is considered an asset.