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PIA Consultant to conduct TRAs and PIAs for Cerner Implementation Project

Job Type: Contract
Positions to fill: 1
Start Date: Aug 15, 2022
Job End Date: Aug 15, 2023
Pay Rate: Daily: Negotiable
Job ID: 121906
Location: Toronto
Must Haves:

1. Experience conducting Threat Risk Assesments (TRAs)
2. Experience conducting Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)


The process of conducting a PIA and TRA provides a means for:
  • Analyzing privacy and security issues systematically;
  • Meeting legal, regulatory and/or policy requirements;
  • Demonstrating compliance with privacy and security obligations;
  • Considering potential risks; and
  • Developing potential solutions/mitigating strategies for the proposed business activity.
Conducting and updating a PIA and TRA throughout the design, development, implementation and operation of a program will:
  • Provide valuable input into the design of the program / corresponding solution;
  • Help ensure that privacy and security is considered as the solution evolves; and ensure that the solution continues to be compliant with privacy and security obligations once deployed and operational.
Lumeo is seeking a privacy impact assessment and advisory services that will support the privacy protection for personal health information that is collected, stored and processed through the Cerner Millennium Electronic Medical Record System. Other solutions that will be implemented as part of Shared Health System (to be included in the PIA) include:
  • Novari Access to Care (ATC), eRequest and Medical Information Resource Management (MIRM)
  • Legacy System Data Archive (in future) *Scope is not yet defined by Lumeo*
  • Regional Interface Engine