Process Engineer -to identify and implement process improvements that enhance client experience and generate profitability

Job Type: Contract
Positions to fill: 1
Start Date: Jun 12, 2023
Job End Date: Oct 31, 2023
Pay Rate: Daily: Negotiable
Job ID: 130260
Location: Toronto
Process Engineer
end date October 31/2024
Hybrid - 1-2 days a week

You’ll identify and implement process improvements that enhance client experience and generate profitability. As a Process Engineering Consultant, you’ll use your experience and direct client feedback to improve the quality of key processes that affect our clients. You’ll work closely with your team and assist in the planning, development, and implementation of a process strategy that will build the bank of the future. 
How You’ll Succeed 
·       Leadership – You will use process engineering methodologies to manage workpackages. You will work with team members to set goals and guide and motivate teams to reach  them. You  know how to facilitate meetings with large groups of 10 or more stakeholders with varying opinions to reach desired outcomes. You will work with others in Process Engineering and across CIBC to reach common goals and promote good working relationships among team members. 
·       Problem solving – You can solve problems in a structured way and organize work. You can analyzedata and situations fully and accurately to guide or reach effective decisions.  
·       Task management –  You know and understand Project Management tools, methodologies and principles and can plan, prioritize and organize work based on available resources. 
·       Interpersonal relations – You have effective communication skills and can present clearly and concisely using relevant examples or illustrations. You can convince others and build support for process improvement recommendations. 
Who You Are 
·       You give meaning to data. You enjoy investigating complex problems, and making sense of information. You're confident in your ability to communicate detailed information in an impactful way.  
·       You embrace and champion change. You'll continuously evolve your thinking and the way you work in order to deliver your best. 
·       Your influence makes an impact. You know that relationships and networks are essential to success.  You inspire outcomes by making yourself heard. 
·       You can demonstrate experience in applying an improvement methodology. It's an asset if you have experience with Lean Six Sigma. 
·       Values matter to you. You bring your real self to work and you live our values - trust, teamwork, and accountability. 

Provide project support to Process Engineering work packages as part of the Client Complaints program
Apply technical and analytical skills (e.g. using LSS methodology, statistical data analysis, etc.) to find innovative and efficient ways to solve problems