Senior Business Data Analyst to provide analysis and documentation of business/data requirements and data management for Health Authority Printer fleet - SOW20230825CJ-1 - Sept 1

Job Type: Contract
Positions to fill: 1
Start Date: Sep 25, 2023
Job End Date: Mar 31, 2024
Pay Rate: Hourly: $ 75
Job ID: 132323
Location: Vancouver

S.i. Systems enterprise public health client is seeking a Senior Business Analyst to provide data analysis and documentation of business/data requirements and data management for Health Authority Printer fleet.


  • 6+ years of experience in delivering Data Analytics engagements.
  • Strong knowledge and experience working with relational databases (particularly, automated formatting of data for importing and exporting purposes)
  • Must have experience managing small databases, with frequent flat-file inputs/outputs.
  • Experience developing repeatable data grooming/normalizing queries.
  • Previous experience working on technology projects in healthcare setting with a focus on achieving excellent user experience
  • Expert excel skills


Good to have:

  • Experience working within the BC Health Authorities
  • Experience designing small relational databases

2.2 Project Description: 


Within the DMST team, Output Management oversees the delivery of print related programs/services across Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCH) and Providence Health Care (PHC). The VCH/PHC print fleet consist of ~3000 print devices, which are predominately 5+ years and older and consist of differing makes, models and maintenance support agreements. In an effort to revitalize the printer fleet, VCH/PHC are needing to implement a Managed Print Strategy (MPS) and corresponding program that will consolidate costs and agreements under a common support contract, will maximize up time, improve decision-making, overall cost tracking and management, as well as improve the overall customers’ print experience. Furthermore, this will enable a better environmental footprint, as well as improve efficiencies, productivity, device compliance and security for more sensitive documents. Additionally, DMST and the Output Management team will be looking to transition existing legacy server environments to more current Operating System / cloud environment. This transition is expected to take upwards of 36 to 48 months.


Key Objectives of the project include:


·     Consolidation of support processes: all print devices maintained under one agreement using a Cost-Per-Page (CPP) charge back model – decreasing storage, less reliance on HA staff to manage/maintain and lowers environmental footprint.

·     Procurement Lifecycle Management: facilitates the development of a MPS and implementation of a proactive/predictive consumable and device management program resulting in improved governance, decision-making, cost control, tracking and management capabilities, as well as minimize/reduce end user impacts (e.g. unscheduled interruptions). 

·     Improved Fleet Management: provide a greater ability to manage/maintain devices that have 'useful' life, the timely removal of devices EOL, as well as the replacement of hardware and enrollment of devices into the managed print program.

·     Automated Reporting: to improve consumable replenishment and increase oversight of device fleet and consumables.

·     Improved Security and Monitoring: incorporate proactive device security monitoring, as well as tools to monitor key device functions which will result in proactive device maintenance and downtime avoidance.

·     Realize Cost Savings/Avoidance Opportunities: achieve anticipated financial benefits and savings by reducing lease costs through the consolidation of print devices and removal of aged or superfluous devices.

·     Effectively address legacy print server environment: through the migration to a more current print server operating system and/or cloud platform.

·     Transition to Operations: inclusive of plan to support ongoing managed print program and related operations


2.2 Services Required:


The Senior Data Analyst is an integral part of the Managed Print project team and responsible for providing leadership and analytical support to the project, collecting information and data from various sources, including stakeholder interviews. Additionally, the role will act as point on data quality during the transition to operations as each site goes live with the managed print solution and related hardware. Must have experience managing small databases, with frequent flat-file inputs/outputs. This role is responsible for providing senior technical expertise and leadership in statistical analysis and documentation of business/data requirements and data management on this project.

The Senior Analyst will lead the planning, analysis, design, and documentation of business requirements for data standardization, ad-hoc queries, reports, system and health indicators and interfaces. The position will develop a deep understanding managed print solution, as it relates to program workflows and will support operational and clinical program leaders in business/operational planning, data interpretation, and data integrity and quality of the available data.


Core Activities:


·      Define data requirements through interpretation of technical and business requirements and/or direct interviews/requirements gathering.

·      Leads planning and performance monitoring through the development of reports, direct data extraction and analysis. Provides specialized knowledge, analytical, and senior technical expertise in information management processes utilizing a deep understanding of data standards in relation to establishing quality reports.

·      Leads in the analysis, acceptance criteria definition, development, testing, implementation and maintenance phases of the project. Ensures and carries out post-implementation reviews and makes recommendations for improvements.

·      Leads the analysis, requirements specifications, design and documentation of reports and various business intelligence solutions in collaboration with PHSA leaders and other project team members as needed. Gathers requirements from internal and external stakeholders and negotiates changes within the context of the visions for both current and future state as well as the vision for reporting and logistics solutions. Translates user requirements to technical requirements for implementation; designs reports and researches solutions. Monitors and supports best practice in documentation standards.

·      Supports stakeholders with operational reporting requirements through the analysis of data with a deep understanding of performance metrics and benchmarking. Interfaces to support clinical operations, and management and evaluation reporting.

·      Leads the formal data collection and analysis to help identify process deficiencies and/or operational inefficiencies in order to report and develop new ways of improving business efficiencies including the data analysis related to business case developments, project proposals, and other key strategic and transformative initiatives.

·      Provides strategic planning support and change management services by leading and performing data analyses, using formal data gathering techniques and analyzing, designing and implementing appropriate information systems. This includes identifying system deficiencies, user department operational inefficiencies and ways of improving business efficiency functions.

·      Ensures the quality, accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of the data and reports available through meticulous testing, automated and manual data reviews, performance monitoring, contingency planning, consistency reviews, and other methods as appropriate.

·      Leads the development of reports that monitor and benchmark cost, utilization and other quality and performance indicators and communicates findings to project team, stakeholders and operational teams as required.

·      Leads statistical analysis support for standard regular reports as well as a variety of documents such as briefing notes, presentations, summaries, etc.

·      Perform other role related duties and project activities as directed.

Other activities:


·      Contribute to business/clinical engagement, DMST governance, Project Delivery Working Groups and status meetings.

·      Contribute to project status updates, address actions and support/contribute to issues/risk management activities and escalations/resolution.

·      Support delivery/completion of core activities (e.g. strategy, planning, schedule, reporting and risk/issues) to ensure DMST and the project’s ability meet required timelines and deliverables

·      Work cross-functionally to solve problems and implement changes.

·      Work in collaboration with DMST operations team to integrate and align planning, solutioning and readiness activities.

Core Deliverables:

·      Establish a central data repository through which other systems will receive standardized updates via data exports. Configure the repository to regularly receive updates via data imports and manual inputs.

·      Establish efficient, repeatable processes to acquire field data from technicians and analysts and input it into a central data repository in a systematic manner with quality control measures in place to ensure impeccable data quality at all times.

·      Coordinate and provide guidance to field staff in the collection of printer-related data from sites across the province.

·      Work with other system owners to perform regular information audits of systems containing printer-related information (incl. logistical information).

·      When required, conduct interviews with technical, business and/or clinical staff in the collection of printer-related requirements, including financials.

·      Support operational staff in taking ownership of printer information management as each site goes live with the managed print service.