Senior Data Analyst with Power BI and SQL Server experience required to support web-based application (305-23-COT-RFS)

Job Type: Contract
Positions to fill: 1
Start Date: Dec 04, 2023
Job End Date: Jul 31, 2024
Pay Rate: Hourly: Negotiable
Job ID: 133587
Location: Toronto

Our GTA based, Municipal Government client requires the services of a Senior Data Analyst with Power BI and SQL Server experience to support a web-based application.


The candidate will be supporting the an actively-used, custom web-based application built for a community of Ontario-based libraries. It offers libraries an advanced, automated, and practical data solution platform tailored to aid them in quantifying the worth and influence of their technological services. Leveraging outcome measurement, Bridge equips libraries with compelling evidence and profound insights through a suite of data dashboards, surveys, and comprehensive reports. While the Toolkit creates reports for libraries, it is primed for ‘next level’ data analysis, quality assurance and formalizing related processes.

Responsibilities include:

  • Data Auditing and Quality Assurance: Lead the development, oversight, and implementation of data auditing and quality assurance procedures for Bridge data. Collaborate closely with the Bridge data solution software vendor to ensure data integrity.
  • Data Integrity Management: Oversee the identification of data integrity issues and work in conjunction with the software vendor to develop automated resolutions and flagging mechanisms to maintain data accuracy.
  • Documentation Development: Create comprehensive documentation for historical reference and training purposes. This documentation should cover data architecture, data flow, data protocols, and data processes to ensure clarity and consistency in data management.
  • Standardized Data Dictionary: Develop and maintain a standardized data dictionary to ensure a common understanding of data terminology and facilitate efficient data analysis.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: Utilize PowerBI to design data dashboards and conduct in-depth analysis of raw data to meet report requirements, providing valuable insights and actionable information to stakeholders.


• Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio

• Power BI, Excel

• Python, including libraries related to data frames, such as Pandas;

• Data storytelling, that moves beyond simple summary statistics, into trends, patterns and inferences that can be gleaned from data

• Previous experience creating SQL statements, such as T-SQL

• Hands-on work with relational databases, SCD, key constraints, schemas