Senior IBM OS/390 Systems Automation programmer to manage the mainframe systems of a large financial institution.

Job Type: Contract
Positions to fill: 2
Start Date: Nov 01, 2023
Job End Date: Dec 02, 2024
Pay Rate: Hourly: Negotiable
Job ID: 133532
Location: Montreal, London, Halifax, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Regina, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg

Our client is seeking a Senior IBM OS/390 Systems Automation programmer to manage the mainframe systems 

Duration 1 year plus extension, 100% remote work

Job Overview:

As an IBM OS/390 Systems Automation Expert, you will play a critical role in ensuring the smooth operation and optimal performance of mainframe systems running the OS/390 operating system. Your expertise in systems automation and proficiency in managing IBM mainframes will be vital in maintaining a highly available and efficient computing environment.

Must Haves

  • IBM mainframes running OS/390
  • Proficiency in scripting languages like REXX and JCL for automation
  • IBM Z systems and virtualization technologies
  • performance monitoring and optimization

Nice to Have

  • Relevant certifications, such as IBM Certified Specialist for IBM Z

Job Responsibilities

1. System Automation:

  - Design, implement, and maintain automation scripts and routines to streamline OS/390 system management tasks.

  - Develop and optimize automation procedures for system monitoring, error detection, and recovery.


2. Mainframe Management:

  - Perform routine system checks, updates, and patches to ensure the stability and security of OS/390 mainframes.

  - Configure and manage hardware and software resources, including storage, memory, and CPU.


3. Problem Resolution:

  - Identify and troubleshoot hardware and software issues, promptly addressing system failures and performance degradation.

  - Collaborate with support teams to diagnose and resolve complex problems.


4. Performance Optimization:

  - Monitor system performance, analyze performance data, and implement optimizations to maximize mainframe efficiency.

  - Evaluate and implement performance tuning recommendations to enhance system throughput.


5. Scripting and Script Management:

  - Develop and maintain automation scripts using scripting languages such as REXX and JCL.

  - Version control and documentation of scripts to ensure traceability and consistency.


6. Backup and Recovery:

  - Implement and maintain backup and recovery procedures to protect critical data and applications.

  - Develop disaster recovery plans and conduct regular tests.


7. Security:

  - Ensure the security and integrity of OS/390 systems, applying best practices in access control, data encryption, and threat mitigation.


8. Documentation and Training:

  - Create comprehensive documentation for system automation procedures, configurations, and troubleshooting processes.

  - Provide training and guidance to junior staff members on IBM OS/390 system automation.


9. Compliance and Standards:

  - Stay updated on industry best practices, compliance requirements, and IBM OS/390 system enhancements.

  - Ensure systems are compliant with relevant regulations and standards.