Senior Project Manager - HCMS / HR System Expertise - to work with systems integrator to plan, implement new HCMS system - Core HR, Payroll, Compensation and Benefits - SOW20231115CL - Nov 29 - 1

Job Type: Contract
Positions to fill: 1
Start Date: Dec 18, 2023
Job End Date: Dec 31, 2026
Pay Rate: Hourly: Negotiable
Job ID: 133952
Location: Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Vancouver

S.i. Systems enterprise public health client is seeking a Senior Project Manager - HCMS / HR System Expertise - to work with systems integrator to plan, implement new HCMS system - Core HR, Payroll, Compensation and Benefits 


  • Senior Project Management experience with one or more of the following:
  • HCMS, WFM and/or HR systems, specifically with cloud-based multi-tenant environments
  • Integration platforms
  • SaaS implementation experience

·        Required experience developing and executing project plans with complex data integrations


·        Health care experience

·        General knowledge of HR information systems and operations

·        Experience in multi-collective agreement and complex labour relations environment

towards a new, cloud-based multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) Human Capital Management System (HCMS) that can support the unique and complex health care collective agreements found in BC. This is a provincial initiative; FHA is in partnership with the BC Ministry of Health as well as other BC health authorities.


FHA’s current HR system, Meditech Magic, will be end-of-life by 2029, and replacing this system supports FHA’s corporate priority of innovation for sustainability and transformation, as well as fosters a healthy team environment that puts our people’s well-being first. A modernized HCMS will provide the following benefits:

·        One integrated system to enhance user experience for employees and managers

·        Better integration with automated processes, including with Workforce Management (WFM) to replace manual timecard procedures

·        Eliminate the use of manual workflows and phone/email communications

·        Easier access to employee information and change/acceptance process

·        Increase functionality with native analytics to track/trend employee information


Although an HCMS can provide a variety of features and functionality, FHA’s main focus for this project will be on: Core HR, Payroll, Compensation and Benefits. Other modules may be considered for a future project.


·        Development of the plan for project delivery:

o  Creation of a schedule

o  Breakdown of responsibilities among project personnel

o  Identify relationships, connections and collaboration points between internal and external technical resources

o  Validation of the change management strategy created through the current Pre-transformation project with inputs from FH’s Change Lead

·        Review, update and manage project budget

·        Execution and monitoring of the implementation plan:

o  Plan, execute and distribute communications and other project related information

o  Manage stakeholders’ expectations

o  Report on performance, budget, schedule, meeting minutes, decisions, outcomes, risks and other such requested reporting requirements

§ Provide regular project progress/status reporting to sponsors, steering committee, and project stakeholders/groups

o  Escalate issues/changes out of the PM authority (e.g., scope changes) to sponsors/steering committee as required

o  Perform risk management, including but not exclusive to, risk planning, identification, risk analysis and risk responses

·        Liaise with FH’s WFM Project Manager to ensure: alignment and communication of common direction and interrelated tasks and deliverables

·        Liaise with FH’s Change Lead to ensure: readiness assessment, communication (planning), resistance management and training/new system adoption are considered

Project closing documentation, including lessons learned, RACI, SLAs and Knowledgebase Articles