Senior Project Manager to implement Clinical Systems for doctors, nurses at Burnaby Hospital new Patient Care Tower - SOW 20230424SS-PMCS-BH - May 9 - 2

Job Type: Contract
Positions to fill: 1
Start Date: May 15, 2023
Job End Date: May 31, 2025
Pay Rate: Hourly: Negotiable
Job ID: 129582
Location: Vancouver
S.i. Systems public healthcare client is seeking a Senior Project Manager to implement Clinical Systems for doctors, nurses at Burnaby Hospital new Patient Care Tower. 

2 year contract + 1 year extension
PM must be located in Metro Vancouver and able to perform site visits
40 hours / week 
3840 billable hours over 2 years

  • Project Management experience working directly with clinicians (doctors, nurses) and implementing applications and technology that serve them (informatics experience)

  • SmartSheet / Sharepoint experience in project delivery
  • Experience on a hospital construction project
  • Fraser health Authority experience
  • PMP

  • This Statement of Work (SOW) is specific to a significant capital investment at Burnaby Hospital which includes the construction of a new Patient Care Tower (PCT) and concurrent major renovations to existing buildings.
  • The building is coming out of the ground. 
  • It is time to focus on the clinical information systems and technologies supporting clinical operations in the realities of their new physical spaces.
The objective underlying this Statement of Work is to oversee and coordinate various assignments from early implementation initiatives to clinical information system enhancements across multiple sponsors and multiple delivery organizations. The smooth and successful opening of the PCT / renovations and transition of the clinical services from legacy spaces into the PCT, is dependent on the operational readiness of these technologies and systems.
The Clinical Systems Project Manager will be the Clinical Systems liaison, working closely with the clinical and medical departments’ leadership and the clinical planning teams. The Project Manager will work with Redevelopment IT delivery teams, Health Informatics and Information Technology (HIIT) project expeditors, the Redevelopment medical equipment team, various Fraser Health system owner departments, and Fraser’s Clinical Information System teams to facilitate the delivery of the systems and technologies, in time for commencement of service in the PCT and renovated areas.
This Clinical Systems Project Manager will coordinate and oversee all of the technology and system projects to facilitate operational readiness on first patient day, and a smooth transition from legacy spaces in accordance with the PCT transition plan.
  1. Build and maintain strong relationships with clinical and medical leaders, work with the Redevelopment project teams, and act as a ‘trusted advisor’, with a view to achieving a high level of visibility of the delivery and readiness of clinical solutions and technologies.
  2. Organize and oversee the detailed planning and delivery of the clinical systems work:
    • Early implementations of new or enhanced application capabilities before the PCT move in
    • Core clinical systems application configurations
    • Any building systems enablement
    • Monitor and coordinate with major corporate initiatives that are being rolled out to BH including their configuration work for the PCT
    • Transition services
  3. With direction and collaboration from Redevelopment Healthcare Solution Architects, maintain a catalogue of all systems & technologies required for the PCT to be operational for service commencement. Identify project sponsors and project managers/most responsible lead for all systems delivery projects. Identify the critical and essential components with clinical sponsors. Many different major systems and technologies will require varying degrees of installation, preparation, and commissioning.
  4. Set up lines of communication for the oversight of the multiple streams of work, across multiple stakeholders and track progress across multiple projects.
  5. Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), accompanied by responsibility assignment matrices (RACI) that describes the complete ‘book of work’ for the PCT clinical systems and technologies to be operational. 
  6. Engage with the various stakeholders, Redevelopment project office and work streams, to establish the PCT fit out and commissioning timelines and milestones that provide the framework for the delivery of the technologies and systems into PCT.
  7. Maintain a high-level summary schedule across the various system and technology work streams, highlighting the critical path and potential schedule conflicts. Use to track progress to identify deviations from plan of any work stream that may impact other work streams. 
  • Identify and track major decisions, milestones, and metrics as they relate to the project deliverables across the various work streams, and provide consultation, guidance, and support to project sponsors and project managers/leads to maintain overall progress, particularly for the critical path.
  • Within the IMIT escalation process, manage the escalation and resolution of issues related to project interdependencies and project delays and decisions that impact other work streams.
  • Create and maintain overall project status dashboards and status reporting mechanisms that keep the sponsors and Redevelopment work streams informed of the bigger picture.
  • Work with clinical sponsors, the various transition and move-in planning groups and IMIT work streams to create a PCT IMIT Transition Master Plan that shows how operational readiness of the PCT is to be achieved. Oversee the execution of the IMIT Transition Master Plan.
  • Contribute to the change management plans and training and education plans, including user scenarios and storyboards that will be used for user trials and day-in-the-life events. Facilitate preparation of the test and user trial environments and facilitate the execution of these trials and operational readiness events.
  • Participate in the Go Live Command Centre in support of the opening of the PCT and the transition from the legacy spaces.
  • Report as requested by the IMIT Project Director into appropriate working groups or steering committees.
  • Provide strategic and tactical advice to clinical and medical staff with respect to adopting, utilizing, and gaining value from the technologies being deployed, as and when necessary.
  • Manage overall key risks and issues that are escalated up from the various work streams.
  • Report into and keep informed the IMIT Project Director and complete project reporting documentation as directed.

Key Deliverables
  • Governance structure and cadence/communication plan.
  • Work Breakdown Structure that describes the complete ‘book of work’ for the PCT clinical information systems to be made operational.
  • Roadmaps and consolidated schedules showing the sequence and interdependencies of activities for the installation, configuration and preparation of all the technologies and systems, and identifies the critical path for the first patient day.
  • Progress dashboards, status reports, risk logs and issue logs.
  • Clinical Systems Transition Master Plan and Go-Live Plan.
  • Post implementation support plan and handover plan.
  • Project Completion Review with lessons learnt.