Senior Technology Architect to Provide 3rd Line in Support Service Support for a Weapon System

Job Type: Contract
Positions to fill: 1
Start Date: Jul 03, 2023
Job End Date: Jul 03, 2024
Pay Rate: Daily: Negotiable
Job ID: 129801
Location: Ottawa


Our valued Clieint is responsible for delivering on the Program of Work of the AFCCIS Weapon System. The Client is established with a core of military and civilian personnel. The AFCCIS Weapon System Manager (WSM) within this organization is responsible for the sustainment of tactical and operational command and control information systems (C2IS) used by the Client to conduct military operations, such as tactical mission planning and unit-level scheduling and currency tracking environments, operational-level aerospace planning systems, Tactical Data Links (TDL) processing and Intelligence, and Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) airborne platform sensor data dissemination. All of these systems contain software, hardware and network components. 

Job Description: 

Our valued client is looking for a Secret Cleared Technology Architect to evaluate, perform and deploy GCCS-J software and server updates within a lab environment.

Must Have:
  • Evaluates GCCS–J software updates in the lab to determine suitability and to verify functionality before deploying in production.
  • Deploys GCCS servers and software updates in production.
  • Evaluate NAPPIC servers and software in the lab to determine suitability and to verify functionality before deploying in production.
  • Plan, analyze, investigate, design, code, test, integrate, and implement hardware/software and/or hardware/software changes in order to integrate the current and future versions of RCAF applications into AFCCIS
  • Perform analysis of software performance and system sizing, generating technical reports of the results and software architectural enhancements to improve the sizing and performance of the software and platform;
  • Prepare technical documents on RCAF software applications pertaining to the maintenance of existing services, testing, implementation of required upgrades and future planning for interfaces;
  • Provide technical guidance on issues directly related to the present and/or future AFCCIS networks, which may include cloud-native applications and software defined data centres;
  • Creates detailed system build documentation, test plans, and reports
  • Creates requests for change (RFCs) for deploying servers and software updates in production.
  • Monitors impact assessment (IA) process and resolves issues raised prior to RFC approval being granted.
  • Installs, configures, and tests AgileClient in the lab in preparation for deployment in production.
  • Works with NBIS to integrate AgileClient into the client workstation baseline.
  • Builds and configures NAPPIC servers in the lab in preparation for deployment in production