Sr Business Transformation Architect to future-state roadmaps for IT security team

Job Type: Contract
Positions to fill: 1
Start Date: Nov 06, 2023
Job End Date: Mar 31, 2024
Pay Rate: Daily: Negotiable
Job ID: 133303
Location: Ottawa

Our valued public sector client requires the services of a Sr Business Transformation Architect to create future-state roadmaps for IT security team.


  • Develop, review and document business requirements
  • Plan, coordinate, capture and follow up on meetings with partner departments and agencies for business requirements gathering along with their prioritization, associated business impact, costs/cost models and business dependencies
  • Perform analysis of the business requirements to identify and document the department and partner roles and responsibilities
  • Perform analysis of the business requirements to identify and document information, procedures and decision flows, and associated policies, standards and legislation
  • Capture the current use cases associated with the business requirements
  • Document and maintain Business Requirements Traceability Matrix
  • Obtain and manage formal written partner approvals of the business requirements document
  • Support and use the selected departmental methodologies and artefact templates
  • Document, review with stakeholders and track actions and meetings decisions- Record of Decision
  • Document current state business processes (business or operations)
  • Provide guidance to technical architects and developers to meet the requirements
  • Develop walkthrough presentations of business requirements for stakeholders or senior executives
  • Perform business analysis of functional requirements to identify information, procedures and decision flows
  • Identify and evaluate existing procedures, methods, and items such as database content and structure
  • Define and document interfaces of manual to automated operations within application subsystems, to external systems and between new and existing systems
  • Working with various stakeholders and other sources to understand and identify all requirements information that is relevant to the project. Facilitates cross-functional meetings and exercises to verify current state, to capture requirements and to ensure project(s) alignment to existing transformation initiatives/ programs;
  • Planning and implementing all requirements-related activities, including elicitation, validation, reporting status, resolving conflicts, and gaining approval.
  • Develops and manages detailed business and functional requirements for project(s), by preparing use cases, data models, and capturing existing business rules from various forms of documentation such as process maps and interviews with subject matter experts. Organizing, structuring and understanding the elicited requirements; putting them into artefact templates, and performing necessary verification and validation on them;
  • Handling the requirements themselves, documenting requirements change control and scope control.
  • Assists in detailed design and development by maintaining “To-Be” process models, undertaking issues analysis and ensuring architecture and technical teams understand the underlying business objectives and functional capabilities required for project success.


  • Project experience creating multi-project roadmaps for senior management


  • Bilingual
  • Experience working with/in a Cyber Security team
  • Experience creating reports using PowerBI