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Sr Project Manager to navigate gating process for a SharePoint implementation

Job Type: Contract
Positions to fill: 1
Start Date: Aug 29, 2022
Job End Date: Oct 31, 2022
Pay Rate: Daily: Negotiable
Job ID: 121871
Location: Ottawa
Our valued Public Sector client requires a Senior Project Manager to navigate gating process for a SharePoint implementation. 

Today, our client uses various tools to house their corporate records and information.  With the implementation of M365 to provide virtual meetings, chat, email services, etc, there is an opportunity to pivot away from GCdocs and to choose to leverage M365 SharePoint as a single enterprise corporate repository with a time line of full implementation by September 2022. 
The project received official endorsement in November 2021 and a great deal of work has already been completed since then. This work must be completed as a project and will be subject to project management oversight and must navigate the gating process. The project’s scope includes the establishment of SharePoint as an enterprise repository with the requisite record keeping features and functions, as well as the identification of potential migration paths for existing repositories to move into the SharePoint if deemed to be a requirement by clients.   The bulk of this work is anticipated to be complete by fall 2022.

  • Preparation of a project plan for deliverables noted in this TA, and others, as they are identified by business owner
  • Manage project resources, each responsible for an element of the project and its associated project team;
  • Manage the project during the development, implementation and operations startup by ensuring that resources are made available and that the project is developed and is fully operational within previously agreed time, cost and performance parameters;
  • Formulate statements of problems; establishes procedures for the development and implementation of significant, new or modified project elements to solve these problems, and obtains approval thereof;
  • Define and document the objectives for the project; determine budgetary requirements, the composition, roles and responsibilities and terms of reference for the project team;
  • Report progress of the project on an ongoing basis and at scheduled points in the life cycle;
  • Meet in conference with stakeholders and other project managers and states problems in a form capable of being solved;
  • Prepare plans, charts, tables and diagrams to assist in analyzing or displaying problems; work with a variety of project management tools;
  • Review and comment on all project deliverables from completion of Initiation to Implementation;
  • Develop scope, context and business requirements, working with departmental leads and key clients;
  • Conduct, facilitate and lead matrix  team meetings;
  • Ensure timely completion of deliverables;
  • Provide project sign-off
  • Develop project lessons learned report and close-out report

  • Business Case
  • Threat Risk Assessment (TRA)
  • Project Charter
  • Project costing
  • Project Management Plan
  • Benefits Realization Plan
  • Project complexity risk assessment (PCRA) document
  • Lessons Learned
  • Risks and Issues logs
  • Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Statement of Sensitivity and ALRW
  • Transition Plan for operationalization
  • Schedule and status reports for management, including monthly status report (mandatory to be submitted with monthly timesheet)
  • WCAG compliance report
  • Project Plan to determine level of effort for each deliverable

  1. Prior experience working with SharePoint or in implementing SharePoint for other clients
  2. Previous project experience working with TBS gating process