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Sr. Systems Administrator (Java) to install, monitor, upgrade, patch and maintain of Linux or Unix servers in an Enterprise environment - Government Client

Job Type: Contract
Positions to fill: 2
Start Date: Jun 30, 2017
Job End Date: Jul 31, 2019
Pay Rate: Daily: Negotiable
Job ID: 76097
Location: Ottawa
Our valued public sector client is looking for a Senior Systems Administrator to provide support for GCMS/eServices Portfolio. 

System Administrator (Java) Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  1. Monitor exception logs on Apache Web Servers running on Linux;
  2. Monitor exception logs on Tomcat application servers running MS Windows;
  3. Troubleshoot and fix environmental issues reported against Non-Production and Production environments for Web Applications hosted on Apache web servers and Tomcat application servers;
  4. Analyze system performance and errors and recommend improvements for Java solutions hosted on Apache web servers running on Linux and Tomcat application servers running on MS Windows;
  5. Monitor database errors for production problems and interface errors;
  6. Create tickets and document any new errors;
  7. Install, monitor, upgrade and maintain software;
  8. Work with business analysts, project managers, developers, and clients/stakeholders to maintain and improve software performance;
  9. Apply problem solving skills to troubleshoot and resolve technical problems;
  10. Provide advice to co-workers and managers for knowledge transfer;
  11. Provide briefings and status reports to management;
  12. Develop build books and installation documents;