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Build Better Teams Infographic: Become an IT Talent Destination

With continued fierce competition for tech talent, it’s time to become the “it” place to work — the IT workers’ destination of choice.

The competition for tech talent is still tight. It’s become clear that organizations need to do more to become the employer of choice… the “IT” talent destination.

The following infographic points to opportunity and provides insights that can make your tech teams better  -- and help you become the IT place to work in 2023. In it you’ll find:

  • Canada’s Top Tech Cities
  • The hottest growth industries for IT talent
  • The most in-demand tech roles
  • What’s needed to make your company an “IT” talent destination
  • … and more.

As you’re taking it all in, you might find you want to go deeper. If so, download our comprehensive report, Build Better Teams: A Tech Talent Trends Digest. It contains the data and info that serves as the basis for the infographic. 

Download the infographic here.

Build Better Teams: Tech Talent Trends

A hiring, market and trends outlook for 2023 IT talent acquisition planning