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High Velocity: The Handbook for Contract IT Professionals

High Velocity: The Handbook for Contract IT Professionals Derek Bullen, President of S.i. Systems.

High Velocity is your guide to a successful and rewarding career in IT contracting with a wealth of useful information and strategies to help you start and enhance your career.

  • Interviews - Making the Gate
    • interview preparation
    • rescheduling interviews
    • interview etiquette
    • asking questions
    • answering questions
    • closing the interview
    • following up
  • Signing the Contract
    • assessing your value
    • Communicating Effectively
    • understanding contracts
    • understanding agreements
  • Working on the Project
    • scoping projects
    • working with peers
    • professional conduct
    • managing anger
    • corporate culture awareness
    • keeping attendance
  • Adding Value
    • understanding value
    • getting noticed
    • getting noticed
    • communicating effectively
    • practicing leadership
    • producing good documentation
  • sharing knowledge
    • Finishing Up
    • reviewing and assessing performance
    • finding your next contract
    • parting on the best terms