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Getting Group Health Benefits

Si. Systems offers and Exclusive Group Benefits plan to all consultants.

Group Source Offers an Exclusive Group Benefits Plan to all S.i.Systems Consultants

The Daedalus Group Limited, a leading marketer of group benefit plans, and GroupSource, one of the best known Third Party Administrators of group benefits plans in Canada, want to help protect you and your family and make sure you have peace of mind when it comes to life’s unexpected events. Through the group benefits plan, S.i. Systems Contractors can expect comprehensive coverage for health and dental care and better value for the dollars spent.

Competitive Prices

GroupSource has designed a program that would provide comprehensive coverage at competitive rates. That's why they've designed a program that, unlike many individual benefits plans, ensures the majority of your premiums go towards your coverage and not administrative fees. We're confident the group benefits plan offers flexibility, reasonable rates and great coverage.

Guaranteed Coverage

With GroupSource’s benefits program offered to S.i.Systems Consultants, there are no medical questions to answer and no pre-existing condition exclusions.

Comprehensive Protection

Many individual plans have low maximums, co-insurance levels, or high deductibles. The program provides comprehensive coverage at a reasonable cost and with no medical evidence required. For details click here.

Easy to Use

GroupSource, our benefit providers offer Consultants many great tools for accessing their benefits. You can:

  • Direct submit drug and dental claims through your health care provider. (TELUS e claims)
  • Set up direct deposit so payment go straight into your bank account
  • Submit claims via your mobile Apple or Android devices
  • Talk to a GroupSource customer representative during business hours at 1-800 661-6195
  • Monthly premiums are automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the 10th of the month.

 Ready to Enroll?

1. Review the benefit plan details by clicking here

2. Download and complete the enrollment form and Pre-authorized Debit (PAD) form by clicking this link

3. Email the signed enrollment and PAD form to and forward the signed originals to,


Suite 200 5970 Centre St S,

Calgary Alberta

T2H 0C1

4. You will receive a notification when your benefits have begun!