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International fertilizer company grows to over 23,000 employees, with operations and investments in 13 countries, with S.i. Systems’ help

A staffing partner was required to provide payrolling services for independent contractors across North America.


S.i. Systems has for over 20 years been providing payrolling and contract staffing services to this client, among the largest producers of potash and nitrogen fertilizer in the world.


Our client was looking for a strategic partner to manage the overall contingent workforce strategy. In 2018, after years of consistent service, S.i. was awarded a Master Services Agreement to be this partner. At the outset, the client was exposed to serious risk: all of the contingent workers were onboarded with various levels of compliancy, and the company was working with contractors directly and didn’t know their pay classification. The company was feeling the impact of not having a consistent process for invoicing and pay, and many contractors didn’t have adequate insurance coverage.


S.i. Systems not only provided contract staffing services, but our dedicated Flo-Thru™ team consulted on best practices for contractor engagement for a mature program. We also conducted a compliance review to help eliminate risk, and supported the implementation of a new VMS tool for contract management. 

The client was so happy with our services in Canada that they asked us to compete for their US business as well. We subsequently became their primary North American contract staffing and payrolling provider.

S.i. now delivers both contracting staffing and payrolling services for all categories of workers to this client’s locations in Calgary, AB, Saskatoon, SK,  and Loveland, CO.  We have a Senior Delivery Manager assigned to oversee the account, supported by an Account Executive based in Houston, and several Onboarding Specialists in Canada.


Today, S.i. Systems manages independent contractors both within the VMS program and independently. We also manage all sub-vendor resources, thereby reducing the number of suppliers this client needs to engage directly.

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