Guide to Staffing Your Data and Analytics Practice

Data interpretation and visualization impacts shareholder value and customer trust. The need for highly qualified talent to interpret the data is dire and these skills have become some of the most sought after.

At S.i. Systems, we’ve been watching this fast-paced growth in every aspect of data and analytics hiring. The demand continues to get stronger and the wages get higher. Keeping up is a challenge that is difficult to meet.

To aid in your understanding, we’ve developed a practical guide, sharing insights to help you attract, hire, and retain data and analytics talent. Download our eBook for:

  • Insights from experts on the state of data and analytics hiring 
  • A better grasp on the most in-demand data science roles
  • Greater understanding of the salary being commanded
  • A picture of the trends and tools most used
  • Strategies you can use to make the most of your team’s talents and select the right resources to fill your gaps
  • … and lots more.

Download the free eBook