Guide to Staffing Your Software Development Practice

Every week, IT staffing questions arise in entities across Canada. Corporations, government agencies and nonprofits ask for our insights on how to build the strongest software development teams. They look for input on managing the demand for strong technology talent. 

At S.i. Systems, we’ve been watching this fast-paced growth in hiring software developers. The demand continues to get stronger and the wages get higher. Keeping up is a challenge that is difficult for many organizations to meet.

To aid in your understanding, we’ve developed a practical guide, sharing insights to help you attract, hire, and retain software development talent. Download our eBook for:

  • Insights from experts on the most sought-after development positions
  • A better grasp on what is impacting salaries
  • How to become the employer of choice
  • Understanding the new workplace
  • … and lots more

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