Build Better Teams: A Tech Talent Trends Digest

A look ahead to 2023 IT hiring in Canada

Many Canadian businesses are still feeling the upheaval of the past two years. Those planning for 2023 hiring might consider taking a page from the S.i. Systems approach and look at upheaval as opportunity.

In this Tech Talent Trends Digest, we take a look at some statistics and apply them to insights from over the past year. When you download this eBook, you’ll uncover:

  • Stats on IT employment across Canada
  • A look at the competitive landscape
  • A snapshot of Canada’s Tech Towns
  • Trends beyond salary
  • What the most desirable workplaces look like
  • Some insight into DEIBA’s influence on recruiting

… and more.

We’ve compiled all of this to help you build better teams. Download your copy today. 

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