About Us

Opening doors. Teaming up. Fulfilling potential. Just a short list of things we love to do at S.i. Systems. Join our community and see for yourself.

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Connections matter at S.i. Systems.

The kind of connections that make people feel good, with every single interaction. Also the kind that make them feel respected, encouraged, and completely supported. Doing our job well shows how much we care about our clients, contractors, and colleagues. Details matter because people matter.

How it started. How it’s going. Three decades of fun.

Our core values keep our community grounded and growing.


We are accountable when we accept responsibility for our actions, decisions and results delivered to our colleagues, candidates, and clients.


We are transparent when we communicate openly, sharing our truth with others based on facts in a respectful way.


We are professional when we deliver value to our company, clients, and colleagues.


We achieve what is possible when we pursue our dreams and commitments to ourselves. Our long-term goals hold the meaning and value of our long-term efforts. We are aspirational.

Meet the people behind the promises.

Get to know the team at S.i. Systems. To a person, we believe in open doors and open minds.

Working at S.i. Systems provides me the ability to make a difference and be a part of something meaningful, be it someone's first job or an opportunity to work for their dream company. I have been able to challenge my own goals, growth, and idea of what is possible."

Standing up for DEI and Indigenous truth and reconciliation.

We believe all organizations have a responsibility to address the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) through policy, including the pursuit of truth and reconciliation. Here’s where we stand on these critical tenets. 

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Canadian-born and bred. Globally minded and always expanding.

S.i. Systems is a true Canadian success story, with locations spanning the entire country. Most recently, we’ve expanded to the U.S., building our reach through our Chicago and Houston hubs. And since 2006, we’ve operated a professional Technology Center which provides year round reliable, expert application development and business support for our operations. 

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