Engineering & Construction IT Staffing Solutions

Working at the intersection of technology and engineering, S.i. Systems is there to help you design and build the future. From infrastructure to industrial projects, commercial to residential real estate, sector firms rely on data-driven decision making and integrated systems to get ahead. 

Keep complex engineering and construction projects on track with IT expertise.

Project controls. Contract administration. Reports for just about anything and everything. There’s a lot of moving pieces in engineering and construction projects, not to mention a real opportunity to gain efficiencies through IT. S.i. Systems keeps pace with your rapidly changing world with qualified talent.


Construction employs over 1.4 million people in Canada and generates about $141 billion to the economy annually, accounting for 7.5% of Canada's gross domestic product (GDP).

Build your talent strategy with staffing solutions from S.i. Systems.

As one of Canada’s leading IT staffing firms, S.i. Systems is well positioned to bridge the talent gap.  

Contract Staffing

From day-to-day operations to major implementations, S.i. Systems adds capacity to your team with on demand contingent resources.

Direct Hire

For IT expertise you can bank on, trust S.i. Systems with sourcing and screening full-time professionals for your team.

Contractor Payrolling

Using our Flo-ThruTM contractor payrolling services is a proven path to lower risk, faster onboarding, and predictable expense management for financial services firms.

IT Project Solutions

Our most flexible, project-based talent solution gives you access to S.i. Systems talent at scale.

Three decades helping engineering and construction firms optimize IT.

You deserve a staffing supplier who ‘gets’ your business and gets things done. Long-term relationships and market knowledge make us more responsive recruiters. Our team is proud of our work in this sector, because we can see the results in action in our real lives. We love building stronger communities from the inside out. 

S.i. Systems gets to know our business and understand who the managers are and how they work. They take the time to understand us and how they can be helpful. Then I don't have to waste time.”

Hiring hassles can hit the road thanks to thousands of on demand contractors and employees.

Rain or shine, we’ve got you covered. S.i. Systems IT pros support engineering and construction projects of every size, scope, and segment—commercial, industrial, public works, residential, and more. With more than 300,000 pre-qualified consultants in our database, you can be sure we’ve got talent who can hit the ground running (from safely behind a desk, of course). 

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We’re systematically building a better IT staffing experience from the ground up.


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