Oil & Gas IT Staffing Solutions

Canada’s vast wealth of natural resources contributes significantly to our economy, growth, and prosperity. An influx of skilled IT talent is needed to take on issues of clean technology, energy intensity, and developmental sustainability. That’s where S.i. Systems comes in. 

Deep Roots in Oil & Gas, a Future in Natural Resources

Our work here goes way back. In the early 90s, S.i. Systems launched its Calgary operations with the mission statement “On Demand Software Developers for the Oil and Gas Industry.” Since then, our expertise in natural resources staffing and talent acquisition has evolved and expanded to cover mining, forestry, and agriculture, not to mention utilities and energy distribution

of GDP

Natural resources fuel growth and employment in the U.S. The natural gas and oil industry support's over 11.3 million American jobs, and U.S. GDP of nealry $1.7 trillion.

Cultivate productivity with S.i. Systems IT recruitment solutions for natural resources.

We’re doing our part to promote the responsible development of North America’s forests, fields, and waters. 

S.i. Systems places talent with the experience and insight to move the sector forward through technical innovation and modernization.

Contract Staffing

Known for providing IT contingent workers to the oil and gas sectors, we’ve also built a reputation for excellence across mining, forestry, and agriculture.

Direct Hire

Security, stability, and sustainability are some of the big tech issues natural resources firms are grappling with. Make sure you have the right talent on board to come out ahead.

Contractor Payrolling

Using our Flo-ThruTM contractor payrolling services is a proven path to lower risk, faster onboarding, and predictable expense management for natural resources organizations.  

With you through thick and thin to prepare for the future.

Despite volatility in the market—particularly for oil and gas—the natural resources sector remains central to S.i. Systems’ staffing solutions. We’ve invested years into building a community of IT professionals with industry experience, and it shows in our speed to hire and placement success rate.

S.i. Systems is the only vendor who’s trying to stay ahead of the game and think ahead to what’s coming. They helped us launch a contingent workforce rate card to get our payroll expenses in line, and they continuously reach out to see how things are going.”

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Build a scalable and sustainable talent strategy with help from S.i. Systems.


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