Software and Information Technology Staffing Solutions

You know the massive effort it takes to get software, systems, and apps in users’ hands fully functional and bug-free. So do we. As investment in automation and digital infrastructure grows, so does the IT talent shortage. S.i. Systems has you covered. We specialise in tech talent for tech companies, so it’s no wonder we work so hard to get it right. 

Things just click when you have outstanding IT talent.

Despite the hype around the no code trend, talented developers will always be in short supply. Not to mention every other IT discipline necessary to bring products to market and pique interest among consumers and business prospects. You’re in luck, though. S.i. Systems has spent decades getting to know the industry’s best and brightest IT talent—connecting them to work, doing what they love.


"The tech industry supports 19% of all U.S. jobs. We're proud to do our part.

Optimize your talent system with IT staffing solutions from S.i. Systems.

As one of North America's leading IT staffing firms, S.i. Systems is well positioned to bridge the talent gap.  

Contract Staffing

S.i. Systems supplies hard-to-find contingent resources to software and information technology firms at every stage of maturity and market reach.

Direct Hire

An information technology career offers variety, creativity, and opportunity. S.i. Systems recruits talent—in every discipline—who have what it takes to elevate your game.

Contractor Payrolling

Using our Flo-ThruTM contractor payrolling services is a proven path to lower risk, faster onboarding, and predictable expense management for tech companies.

IT staffing is what we do all day, every day, so we’re really good at it.

You won’t get far with a generalist firm that fakes its way through technology recruiting. We understand the software development lifecycle through firsthand experience, rigorous training, and market connections. You’ll notice the difference right away. 

The use case for S.i. Systems is clear cut. They come through every time, with a higher quality of talent than we see from generalist firms. And they never fail to keep us updated on potential issues and recruiting challenges.”

Coders are people, too.

Whether working independently with noise-blocking headphones or explaining blockchain to your Board of Directors, it’s the people behind the technology who make all the difference. S.i. Systems gets to know each candidate’s personality as well as their proficiencies. That’s how we’ve cultivated a 300,000-member strong IT talent pool. 

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Private equity, series A, disruptive demos: you have enough on your plate. Leave finding IT pros to us.


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