Systems Integrators IT Staffing Solutions

To keep up with client expectations, systems integrators and consulting firms must tackle talent shortages and pricing pressure head-on. Your secret weapon? On demand IT talent from S.i. Systems. A multi-sourcing model gives you access to seasoned professionals you need to meet deliverables on time and within budget. 

Practical transformation requires superior IT talent.

Your reputation depends on refined methodologies and remarkable talent. A contingent IT workforce from S.i. Systems complements your own pipeline of project managers, business analysts, developers, and architects. It’s part of a seamless strategy that ensures you won’t miss a chance to shine. 


As consulting firms recover from a 14% downturn, they must adopt new strategies for virtual delivery, digital disruption, and value-based performance. S.i. Systems helps make it all possible.

You can rely on IT talent solutions from S.i. Systems.

As one of Canada’s leading IT staffing firms, S.i. Systems is well positioned to bridge the talent gap.  

Contract Staffing

From day-to-day operations to major implementations, S.i. Systems adds capacity to your team with on demand contingent resources.

Direct Hire

For IT expertise you can bank on, trust S.i. Systems with sourcing and screening full-time professionals for your team.

Contractor Payrolling

Using our Flo-ThruTM contractor payrolling services is a proven path to lower risk, faster onboarding, and predictable expense management for financial services firms.

IT Project Solutions

Our most flexible, project-based talent solution gives you access to S.i. Systems talent at scale.

Your mission-critical deliverables, our IT talent.

Your job is to untangle complexity and accelerate strategy. Ours is to help you do your job better and reduce your risk profile. We step up to serve as an integral part of your IT team. Tap into S.i. Systems’ resources on demand to build a bridge between ideas and execution. 

The primary mandate for my team is performance management, and second is cost savings. S.i. Systems delivers on both fronts. They provide a really valuable service and have done a good job growing their business the right way.

Methodical support for highly structured businesses.

Intriguing business challenges and complex projects make your openings alluring to our 300,000 strong talent base. It’s a win-win-win-win situation for everyone involved (that includes you, us, our consultants and your end clients). Just like you, we’re process-driven and detail-oriented, so quality delivery is a given. 

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Launch a strategic partnership with S.i. Systems that enables you to deliver more flexible and customized offerings.


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