Transportation IT Staffing Solutions

Visibility, optimization, digitization, integration. S.i. Systems helps transportation firms take on these big technology initiatives and more. Our IT workforce solutions help you stay ahead of transit and supply chain trends, as platforms move to the cloud, last-mile deliveries increase, and customer experience garners more attention. 

Smart tech strategies for supply chain struggles.

Supply chain challenges are here to stay, and they impact every segment of the transportation sector. Vast global shipping and distribution networks rely on transparency and speed across diverse carriers. Airlines, trucking firms, 3PL carriers, trains, auto manufacturers, and tech providers all need IT talent with the chops to stay ahead of market changes. 

of GDP

A source of vital economic growth, the transportation sector creates 8% of Canadian GDP. Keeping related IT systems strong, secure, and smart benefits all of us.

Arrive at your talent destination as planned with staffing solutions from S.i. Systems.

As one of Canada’s leading IT staffing firms, S.i. Systems is well positioned to bridge the talent gap.  


Contract Staffing

From day-to-day operations to major implementations, S.i. Systems adds capacity to your team with on demand contingent resources.

Direct Hire

For IT expertise you can bank on, trust S.i. Systems with sourcing and screening full-time professionals for your team.

Contractor Payrolling

Using our Flo-ThruTM contractor payrolling services is a proven path to lower risk, faster onboarding, and predictable expense management for financial services firms.

IT Project Solutions

Our most flexible, project-based talent solution gives you access to S.i. Systems talent at scale.

Put the pedal to the metal on transportation tech projects.

Just like a road trip across the Trans-Canada Highway, S.i. Systems drives hard and fast to get you where you’re going. We’ve worked on IT initiatives for nearly three decades, supporting your team in the field and in the office. Metrics-driven and meticulous, we come through when you need us. 

S.i. Systems has proven to be a responsive and reliable preferred vendor. If they can’t find someone for an open position, I know we won’t find it out in the marketplace.”

Getting from point A to point B takes great talent from S.i. Systems.

Systems uptime and optimization are more than just transportation IT buzzwords. They’re mission-critical issues. We cultivate connections with talent with just the right experience in security, architecture, logistics, and so much more. 

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Give us a go for fast, reliable transportation IT staffing and solutions.


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