Utilities IT Staffing Solutions

From project management to development integration on your ETRM system, tech talent remains in short supply within utilities and energy firms. S.i. Systems covers the market in depth, supporting critical IT initiatives within energy generation, transmission, and distribution. 

Stay online and on top of challenges with a pipeline of utilities IT talent.

Balancing priorities is part and parcel of IT leadership within gas, hydro, and wind utilities. Maintaining uptime dictates workflows, alongside the challenges of changing regulatory policy, health and safety, and cyber security. Our utilities team understands these core issues and responds with smart talent strategies. 

million MWh

S.i. Systems places the people behind the power. And it’s a lot of power: close to 700 million megawatt hours each year produced in Canada.

S.i. Systems is your reliable staffing utility.

S.i. Systems supplies a contingent workforce to support all aspects of enterprise management, data management, application development, and infrastructure support for utilities.

Contract Staffing

From day-to-day operations to major implementations, S.i. Systems adds capacity to your team with on demand contingent resources.

Direct Hire

For IT expertise you can bank on, trust S.i. Systems with sourcing and screening full-time professionals for your team.

Contractor Payrolling

Using our Flo-ThruTM contractor payrolling services is a proven path to lower risk, faster onboarding, and predictable expense management for financial services firms.

IT Project Solutions

Our most flexible, project-based talent solution gives you access to S.i. Systems talent at scale.

High energy recruiting for the high urgency utilities market.

As the demand for renewable, reliable energy grows, so does S.i. Systems’ commitment to supporting the utilities market with a ready pipeline of energy IT professionals. We’re constantly networking and recruiting to build a community of development, quality, and infrastructure experts with relevant industry experience. 

After more than seven years working with S.i. Systems on more than 150 projects, I can honestly say they have been an invaluable partner. Their tenure is an indicator that their quality is good and they’re able to keep up with what we need, from smart metering to SAP integration.”

Just like you, we harness the power of people for the greater good.

Communities run on reliable energy sources. Our utilities talent network runs on dedicated professionals. We’ve built lasting relationships with energy clients and candidates on the power of our processes and strength of our customer service.

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Power up productivity and reliability with utilities talent from S.i. Systems.


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