IT Architecture Staffing Services

Envision a technology roadmap that directly and measurably supports your organization's key business objectives. With solutions architects from S.i. Systems, tomorrow’s ambitious vision is today’s plan of action. It’s not easy, but it’s totally rewarding when it all comes together. 

Enterprise, Cloud, Data, Application & Solutions Architect Recruitment

Thoughtful consultation and demonstrated expertise, guaranteed.

Your success depends on your ability to prioritize technology investments, all within a business landscape that can’t stop/won’t stop evolving. Our success depends on finding and hiring the architecture professionals to design and develop that strategy. We’ve built our network and reputation on that competence. 

Architecture talent in the spotlight: Gartner reports that 76% of organizations are starting, restarting, or renewing their enterprise architecture to take advantage of digital transformation, optimization and cloud based applications.

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The art of creating method from madness.

The development of a scalable, multi-services architecture takes creativity, competency, and consistency. 

S.i. Systems places the solutions architects who make it look easy.

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Contract Staffing

Tap into contingent talent with a proven ability to analyze market and tech trends and understand the impact on your solutions architecture.

Direct Hire

Customize and configure to your heart’s content with on-staff architects sourced from S.i. Systems’ vast talent network.

Contractor Payrolling

Assembled your own roster of software developers, data, enterprise, and solutions architects? Great! Use our Flo-ThruTM contractor payrolling services to get them up and running faster.

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Two decades of supporting ambitious goals through expert software architecture & engineering.

Whether you’re delving into IaaS strategies or modernizing legacy systems, we know what it takes. The architects in our 300,000-strong network bring more than just hard core technical skills to the table. Like us, they offer years of experience assessing and solving complex issues.

  • Solutions Architecture
  • Cloud Infrastructure & Architecture
  • Application Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Data Architecture

We’re in the midst of a huge upheaval of our ERP system. S.i. Systems delivered a senior architect to help us navigate through all the questions we didn’t know enough to ask.”

Working with Contingent Workforce Suppliers

Want better results from your contingent workforce management (CWM) program? Build stronger partnerships with your vendors. This guide shows you how. It’s a start-to-finish look at the entire process of working with third-party partners, full of strategies to strengthen outcomes at every stage.

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Tomorrow’s success depends on today’s architecture. Don’t take a chance on just any IT staffing partner.


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