IT Project Solutions

Canadian telecom giant taps into flexible project based approach to IT staffing to drive quality and control costs

Learn how S.i. Systems’ IT Project Solutions helped get a major telecom company’s IT staffing spending under control, drive on-time delivery, all while improving quality.


A longtime client of S.i. Systems, this major Canadian telecommunications company is continuously evolving its digital/e-commerce capabilities to ensure customers have low-friction access to the latest products and services being sold.  


This client’s products and services are continually evolving. In order to sell them effectively, our client’s customer base needs an error-free, high-quality user experience (UX) that evolves with their needs and market innovations. 

Ten years ago, the company relied on a group of contractors to execute these projects, but the results were less than stellar: 

  • Projects always behind schedule

  • A lot of bugs and quality issues

  • High costs, low quality output

  • Lack of accountability or ownership, making challenges/errors hard to diagnose

  • No flexibility to adapt to changing requirements or address unforeseen challenges


In response to this problem, S.i. Systems proposed a project-focused, co-managed approach that would later evolve into our IT Project Solutions service. This solution ensured the client would have:

  • Access to high quality teams of IT professionals custom-built for their projects

  • A single project manager (sourced by S.i. Systems) with accountability for project success

  • Flexibility to staff up or down and pivot as needed over the course of a project

  • Assurance that costs wouldn’t spiral out of control

  • Greater continuity of talent from one project to another 


In the 10 years since implementing this project-based approach to IT work, this telecommunications provider has worked with S.i. Systems countless times to ensure its digital/e-commerce capabilities are cutting edge and error free. The operational and financial benefits are clear: 

  • Cost assurance: What’s in the SOW is what gets done without excessive change order fees

  • Increased quality and speed of work performed

  • Higher trust among business leaders that projects get done right the first time

  • A collaborative partnership between the client and contractors 

  • Growth of institutional knowledge and efficiency among S.i. Systems contractors 

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