Contractor Payrolling

Leading North American energy company expands pipeline with payrolling, business analysis support

Simplifying complex requirements, from contingent staffing to onboarding and payroll,  leads to vendor streamlining


Our client is a large North American energy company with over 7,500 employees focused on natural gas pipelines. They transport more than 25% of North American natural gas demands, operate oil and liquids pipelines, ship 20% of Western Canadian exports, and manage power generation and storage operations.


An internal contingent workforce program, leveraging a VMS system, was  being managed through a complex set of onboarding and compliance requirements. A lack of transparency was negatively impacting the client’s risk management strategy, reducing productivity, and hindering process automation. The client faced several challenges, including:

  • multiple non-preferred vendors that required sub-vendor management

  • a new (and lower) client pay rate card require transitioning contractor renegotiation 

  • resources required training on the new Fieldglass timesheet capture process


In 2016, S.i. Systems was selected as the enterprise payroll provider for this client. The above-stated challenges were overcome by developing and then adhering to a communication, change, and transition plan, which was created in conjunction with client managers. 

S.i. Systems takes responsibility to collect, review, store, and update all data as requested. By providing this client with Payrolling (Flo-Thru™), Contract Staffing, and Direct Hire services in specialties including cyber security, software development, network & infrastructure, data & analytics, and project management, they have been able to gain new insights into the workforce and payroll.


S.i. Systems transitioned 400 total contractors to our single payrolling service. By reducing the number of payroll suppliers required to just one, we are able to provide the client with visibility and rate compliance for all independent contractors across their enterprise. This reduced costs, and allowed for a better reporting cadence of sub-vendor engagements, making the client aware of spending trends.

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