Guide to Staffing Project Management & Business Analyst Talent

Markets shift, priorities change, and organizations adapt. The current economic environment is putting demands on Canadian businesses that require a special blend of highly qualified IT talent. In particular, project managers and business analysts are in high demand, but the competition for them is fierce. With Canada’s current tech labour market being so tight, it can be difficult to find qualified workers to fill these roles.

This staffing guide provides employers with the tools they need to understand the current landscape and develop a staffing strategy that works for their organization.

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  • Insights into why these roles matter so much to your organization and why demand is heating up now
  • An up-to-date look at the average salaries for project managers and business analysts
  • Actionable advice on which skills and certifications matter most for these kinds of roles
  • How to become an employer of choice for these types of candidates
  • … and lots more

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