Cyber Security is Today’s Business Imperative

Cyber security professionals are critically undersupplied and digital transformations are accelerating. The threats are real. Canadians—our companies and our economy—are under attack.

You need a cyber security staffing strategy that stands up to the challenges. In this practical guide, S.i. Systems shares best practices for attracting, hiring, and retaining both functional and technical experts. You’ll get:

  • Hiring and demand predictions for key cyber security roles
  • Average rates and salaries for the ten top positions we recruit 
  • Insights from cyber security pros about what they look for in a job
  • Strategies to select the right resource mix and reduce spend

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Cyber Security is Today’s Business Imperative

With more than four million IT security roles going unfilled around the world, sooner than later most firms will directly feel the impact of the cyber security talent shortage. According to SSI, “There are really only two ways to separate businesses: Ones that have been breached, and those that will be breached.”
How are you preparing?
Whether you’re standing up a cyber security posture or seeking ways to optimize operations, you’re in the right place. With a dedicated recruiting team and a curated talent pool of 4,000+ specialists across Canada, S.i. Systems has a pulse on the cyber security market.